If done correctly, training does not make your legs ‘swollen’.

It is possible that especially female individuals will notice a temporary ‘bloating’ in the days following training due to increased water retention caused by the increased blood supply ‘on the surface’ as a result of training.

This effect will fade as the workout continues.

Training with HINTIME EMS increases the basal metabolic rate, leading to an increase in energy expenditure and therefore weight loss on the part of the client, who must also follow a correct diet plan in order to achieve more incisive and lasting results.

Training with HINTIME EMS is an isotonic workout similar to that carried out in the gym, certainly much more intense. Whether or not to do other types of activity is a personal choice dictated by the client’s will and objectives. Our philosophy is always to recommend an active, dynamic, and healthy lifestyle.

NO. In the initial phase, when intensities are still low, you will feel a tingling sensation. As the workout progresses and intensities increase, you should focus on voluntary contraction to control the impulse and make the workout 100% effective. The sensation is comparable to straining to lift something heavy, in a controlled manner.

Check whether the power button on the control box is switched on normally and whether the Bluetooth indicator light is flashing or not. If the control box has been connected to other equipment, it can only be reconnected after disconnecting it from other equipment.

Check the location information to ensure that the location information is active in the settings of your phone or tablet.

Do not wear metal objects such as necklaces and bracelets during training.

It is recommended to wear the EMS training suit without underwear or with only the briefs, making sure that the electrodes on the buttocks are firmly attached to the skin.

Check that the electrodes are completely attached to the skin. If they are not attached, the resistance will increase and cause a tingling sensation. Please check that there are no signs of wear on the suit and that the skin is undamaged.

Dry skin increases electrical resistance, which is more noticeable in winter.

The distance between the control unit and the mobile phone or tablet should not be too great, no more than 10 meters. Make sure that there are no obstacles between the box and the mobile phone or tablet.

There are no restrictions, and it can be used anywhere, e.g. in a yoga room, gym, office, home, beauty salon, outdoors, etc.

Try to increase the intensity of the electrodes separately.

The control box must be connected to the suit connector tightly and correctly.

Weakness in one part can be resolved by adjusting the intensity of the corresponding electrodes or by using the left-right balance button.

YES. It produces an increase in lean mass and, as a consequence, an increase in basal metabolism. This is why HINTIME EMS strongly contributes to losing fat mass when combined with a correct diet plan.

Once a week up to a maximum of twice a week with an interval of at least 2 days between workouts.

YES. It depends on your personal training program. We recommend combining it with aerobic and stretching work.

Muscle response is subjective and depends on how much physical activity you have done in the past or are currently doing. Certainly, EMS halves the classical isotonic training time.

Certainly, constancy (at least once a week) guarantees results. As with any other training, there may be rest periods alternating with increased training.